MOCAfest is the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) Foundation’s arts festival. WIEF recognizes the power of the creative and cultural sectors of our global economy and the role that art, culture, and creativity play in the lives of young people and as a means for economic empowerment and social enterprise across the globe. MOCAfest is an international arts festival that brings together artists and audiences from around the globe in a 2-day showcase of performances, masterclasses, dialogue and networking sessions, film screenings, visual art exhibitions and artistic collaborations. MOCAfest features artists from a diverse range of artistic genres comprising music, comedy, cinema, visual arts, poetry and many more.

MOCAfest 2013, will feature 39 artists and creatives from around the globe in various disciplines and genres.  New this year is the pre-festival MOCAfellows, focused on professional and business development for 10 international artists that will join the festival after their three day fellowship.

The 6th MOCAfest is launching the "You Can Be An Artist too!!" photography competition! In this campaign, anyone can be an artist and stand to win the 'Best Picture Award' for 6th MOCAfest 2013!!! The winning photo with a description of the winner, will be featured at the 7th MOCAfest in Dubai 2014!!! The winning photo will be judged by Rooful Ali (ALIWAY photography, and founder of EmeraldNetwork), together with a group of professional photographers in attendance, and announced during the MOCAfest Soundscapes session on Thursday, 31 October 2013. 
For those interested, the process is simple. Take your best pictures during the festival from Wednesday to Thursday (30-31 October 2013) using any form of camera at your disposal. The pictures submitted must follow the theme "Motion Emotion". Pictures will only be qualified if it is sent with the hashtags #mocafest #motionemotion via twitter.
Here are the full list of rules and regulations:
  • Contestants must be registered participants of the 6th MOCAfest. Registration is free online at
  • Contestants can only send only 10 of their best pictures. The 11th picture onwards will not be entertained. 
  • Contestants must submit the pictures on twitter using the hashtags #mocafest #motionemotion for the pictures to qualify. 
  • The last entry must be submitted before 9pm on Thursday, 31 October 2013.   
  • Plagiarism is not entertained.

MOCAfest is FREE and open to the public.
Venue: Excel, London
Dates: 30 - 31 October


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